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Because memories are priceless

Do you ever wonder about your parents' lives before they had you? What were they like when they were your age? Do you know what their childhoods were like? What about their hopes and dreams for the future? What do they love most about their lives? How have their lives changed as they have grown older? You might be surprised at how much you don't know about your parents' lives. We take the time to ask them about their past, their present, and their hopes for the future.

These are the standard packages we offer, but we're always open to suggestions so if there's something different you have in mind, please contact us and we'll have a chat about it

Old Man Sitting

Bronze Package

​If you want to record memories about specific times in someone's life, certain events that shaped a lifetime or just a high level overview, then this is the package to choose. This is a full recording of the conversation, warts and all and after some digital processing is added to a custom memory stick beautifully preserved within a walnut presentation box. We can also add digital photographs to the memory stick to help keep everything in one place.

A perfect way to listen to the voices of those you love, telling you stories from their life


  • Single interview of up to 2 hours

  • Presented on a custom memory stick in a walnut gift box

FROM £249

Image by Ekaterina Shakharova

Silver Package

​With more time spent talking with the interviewee, this package allows twice as much detail and covers the lifetime of an individual in greater depth. In addition to the recordings being added to a CD and made available for download, we transcribe the spoken words onto high quality paper and present them back in a high quality presentation box. 

It's a perfect gift, beautifully presented, that you'll treasure for years to come    

  • 6x1 hour interviews

  • Presented in CD gift box 

  • Audio recordings of the interview available for immediate download

  • Transcription of the recordings onto 90g A4 parchment and presented within a luxury A4 presentation box

FROM £995

Happy Family_edited.jpg

Gold Package

​With 10 hours of dedicated interview time, this package enables us to really focus in on a lifetime of memories. The narrative provides an in-depth review of someone's life, from their earliest memories and thoughts about their own parents and grandparents, right through to their hopes and dreams for future generations.

If you want a detailed understanding of how your loved ones view the world and their place within it, then this is the package for you.

  • 10x 1 hour interviews

  • Presented in CD gift box 

  • Audio recordings of the interview available for immediate download

  • Transcription of the recordings presented as a beautiful hardback book

FROM £2500 (instalments available)


Platinum Package

​This service is best for a full life history. The conversation covers all the detail remembered, from memories about grandparents through childhood and into adulthood. Family life, working life, children and grandchildren. Thoughts, hopes, achievements and memories - they're all discussed at length and in detail. We research and annotate the  story with pictures of places and people that have played a part in their life. And we even include those personal photographs that are most precious, digitising them and including them in the story contained within the gorgeous hardback book that describes the life of your loved one.

If you want to know all about someone, and see the places and people that have been most important to them, then this is the package to choose!

  • 10x 1 hour interviews, recorded professionally 

  • Presented in CD gift box 

  • Available for immediate download

  • Transcription of the recordings presented as 5 copies of a beautiful hardback book, researched and annotated with images

  • Personal photographs scanned and included as Appendices

FROM £5500 (instalments available)

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