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The Memory Archive.
Memories are precious but they can be fragile. If they fade, they may be lost forever.

The Memory Archive - the memory stick a beautiful walnut case

Memories | Biography | Family History | Memoirs | Personal history
Family tree | Autobiography | Oral history | Spoken history | Local history

We help families preserve their own histories by giving people the opportunity to talk about their lives and by recording it in audio and written formats.

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The memories that we hold dear can be delicate and easily forgotten. It is precious to be able to recall a moment from the past, and even more so when those memories are shared.


Their life. In their words. Their personal adventure now captured as a unique family archive.

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Alison - The Memory Archive interviewee recording her life story for her family

I've found the whole process so energising. It's lovely to be able to talk to someone about something, and Peter is so good at listening and paying attention. And now I have my book that I can look through and show people. It makes me feel proud.
Thank you Peter.

Alison (interviewee)

Norman - Interviewed by The Memory Archive as part of his family history

I thought, "Who’d be interested in my small life?" But Peter helped me to remember some things I did that were good and it made me feel quite proud. In the end you couldn’t stop me talking. The family are pleased, I think they understand me better now.

Norman (interviewee)

Thomas - Interviewed by The Memory Archive at his daughters request

My daughters asked me to do this for them. To be honest I was dreading it but Pete was very polite and professional and he put me at my ease.  Once I started talking, I found it hard to stop. Pete just sat back and listened and let me ramble. And I've remembered lots of things I haven't thought about for years, which has been wonderful, really

Tom (interviewee)

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